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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help With Assault Cases

Physical assault is a severe form of body language in which someone is physically attacked and left with emotional distress and/or physical damage. As a victim of an assault, you may feel frightened after the attack or threat to your safety. The Law Office of Charles M. Putterman has the compassion and determination you need on your side. Don’t suffer another day—call our office if you have been assaulted in any way so that we can help you determine your next best step.

File Personal Injury Or Criminal Charges?

As personal injury law office, we want to know the details of the assault or threat. The threat is just as important as the physical contact, so a personal injury lawsuit for assault can sometimes look like these situations:

  1. A verbal threat to your well-being or body language insinuating physical harm, such as raising a knife to a victim’s neck.
  2. Using fake weapons to incite fear, such as toy guns.
  3. Scare tactics, such as accelerating in a vehicle towards a victim and then stopping just before causing injury.

In all these examples, the threat is the deciding factor for an assault charge. In a personal injury case involving assault the attacker often exhibited some form of negligence or carelessness however in a criminal case, the assault is not only carried out but also intentional.

The law the determine the difference between civil and criminal assault charges seem tangled to the onlooker. If you are contemplating pursuit of an assault charge in the Atlanta area, call the law office of Douglas A. Wilde, LLC.We do not have tolerance for threats, assault, or battery and will give you discrete legal council regarding your case.

Can I Speak To An Atlanta Attorney Confidentially?

Our foundations are built on fighting for your rights—and you have the right to confidential legal advice. It is our goal to get you compensation for you losses, including emotional suffering. Associates at Douglas A Wilde, LLC will quickly assess your case and determine if you should pursue a personal liability claim. If you or a loved one is a victim of assault or threats, call our office immediately at 678-881-3038 for a free consultation.


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