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Doug Wilde has represented insurance companies in personal injury claims for almost two decades. Having defended hundreds of auto accident claims, he is a formidable advocate for you now that he fights for the rights of victims. His courtroom experience and understanding of insurer tactics keeps the opposing side honest in negotiating your full compensation.

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If you were seriously injured or a loved one was killed in an auto accident, contact the Law Office of Douglas A. Wilde in Peachtree City. Representing plaintiffs since 2003, we have helped clients in South Metro Atlanta and throughout north Georgia secure fair settlements or win damages at trial.

In many car wrecks, liability is disputed. In these cases, Mr. Wilde can hire professional investigators or visit the crash scene himself to preserve evidence and locate witnesses. Even if liability is clear, insurance companies may dispute the extent of the injuries and damages. Doug Wilde will work with your treating physicians and other experts to verify the extent of injuries and calculate the costs of rehabilitation or the rightful compensation for permanent injuries. He knows what juries are likely to award and prepares a solid claim for pain and suffering, future medical care and lost earnings.

Truck Accidents

Injuries tend to be more severe in collisions with a tractor-trailer, and there are more issues for an attorney to resolve. Doug can obtain driver logs, maintenance records, black box recorders and law enforcement reports to see if federal regulations were violated. Georgia law allows direct lawsuits against trucking companies’ insurance carriers, and he is prepared for tough negotiations or taking the case to trial.

Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle crash also causes devastating injuries, including brain injury, spinal cord injury or lost limbs in many cases. We will work to overcome the stigma against motorcyclists, and pursue every source of insurance, including uninsured/underinsured motorist policies, to find enough coverage for the profound financial, medical and emotional losses.

Drunk Driver Accidents

We will work hard to prove that a driver’s intoxication was the primary factor in a crash and the resulting injuries. If a bar or restaurant served alcohol to a minor or to an obviously intoxicated person who caused the auto accident, we can also pursue damages against that business under Georgia’s dram shop liability law.

For proven, aggressive representation in auto accidents, contact our Peachtree City office for a free case evaluation. We offer evening or weekend appointments, including home and hospital visits.


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