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Wrongfully Detained For Shoplifting In Peachtree City?

A store owner has the right to briefly detain a customer suspected of stealing. However, they do not have the right to lock you in a room, manhandle you or interrogate you for hours.

If security staff mistreated you or held you against your will without summoning police, you may have a claim for false arrest or false imprisonment. Contact attorney Doug Wilde to discuss the merits of your case in a free consultation. We represent residents of Fayette County and surrounding counties in the Atlanta area and northern Georgia.

Do I Have A Case For False Arrest?

If you are suspected of shoplifting, a security guard or manager can legally detain you and question you in a back office. However, if the store has a good case to accuse you of theft (surveillance video, merchandise in your pocket or purse), they will call police immediately.

In many cases, they have no real evidence. They have singled you out on the basis of “suspicious activity,” racial profiling or an innocent circumstance. You are embarrassed and perhaps accused in front of other patrons of shoplifting or another crime. Now they must resort to veiled threats or aggressive grilling in a back room to get you to “confess.” It may escalate to actual assault, verbal tirades, handcuffing you to a chair, or a humiliating, hours-long interrogation. All of these actions overstep their legal authority and may constitute false imprisonment. Even without a confession or credible evidence, the store may decide to press charges anyway, and that may be grounds for a false arrest lawsuit.

Experienced In Retail And Corporate Litigation

Doug Wilde has tried cases as a defense lawyer for almost two decades, including defending grocery and retail chains. Now, he is shifting his focus to representing victims. He has clear knowledge of what a store owner is allowed to do to investigate theft and when the conduct of security or management crosses the line.

He will swiftly and aggressively seek to clear your name and pursue monetary damages for your wrongful treatment. Doug will obtain security tapes, question all parties involved, and research similar claims against the store for false arrest or rough treatment. He will also examine the background of employees who detained or harassed you, and whether security and managers followed the company’s internal rules for handling a suspected shoplifting incident.

Damages can include compensation for libel or slander (loss of reputation), emotional trauma from threats or restraints, physical injuries, and punitive damages in egregious cases such as assault or lengthy imprisonment.

Let us determine if you have a case for false arrest/false imprisonment. Call our Peachtree City office at 678-881-3038 to arrange a free consultation, including evening or weekend appointments.


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