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Peachtree City Golf Cart Accidents Lawyer

There are more than 90 miles of golf cart paths in Peachtree City. The golf cart is the preferred way of getting around for hundreds of residents. Not all of them are careful drivers. Some aren’t even old enough for a driver’s license.

The Law Office of Douglas A. Wilde, LLC can represent pedestrians struck by carts while bicycling, jogging or walking on those paths. We can also bring claims on behalf of passengers injured when the driver’s reckless driving or careless driving caused a rollover, tip-over or collision with a tree or other stationary objects.

If you were injured on the golf course, on a cart path or by a golf cart careening out of control, contact us for a free initial consultation. We aggressively pursue full compensation in golf car accident cases for your medical bills, lost wages and any lasting disabilities. Based in Peachtree City, our firm can represent clients throughout Fayette County, the South Metro Atlanta area and in all counties of northern Georgia.

The majority of golf cart injuries arise from single-cart accidents caused by reckless driving, including joy-riding kids as young as 12. Broken bones, crush injuries and head and face injuries are not uncommon in golf car accidents when these vehicles tip or crash. Such accidents are straight liability claims against the operator, through their homeowner or auto insurance policies. We can also handle collisions between two carts, or golf cart accidents involving an automobile. If there is reason to believe that a defect of the golf cart caused the accident (such as brake failure), we can look into a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Segway Accidents

The Peachtree City Council has approved the use of Segway scooters on paths maintained by the city. These two-wheeled electric transporters may soon become popular, but they are unwieldy in the hands of inexperienced operators. If you are injured by a Segway driver sharing the same bicycle/golf car/walking path, we can help you recover compensation for their careless driving.

Discuss your golf cart accident with Doug Wilde, an attorney with 22 years of experience in personal injury and insurance law. We offer a free case evaluation, including evening and weekend appointments. Call 678-881-3038.


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