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Holding Pharmacists Accountable For Negligence

The majority of Americans take at least one prescription drug every day. We trust the doctor and the pharmacist as trained professionals. The truth is that thousands of pharmacy errors happen every day. Most medication errors are discovered in time, or turn out to be harmless dispensing errors. Some have grave consequences.

If you believe pharmacy errors caused or contributed to an injury, illness or death, contact the Law Office of Douglas A. Wilde, LLC for a free case evaluation. Our experienced personal injury trial lawyer can determine if the pharmacist was negligent and aggressively pursue rightful compensation.

Our Peachtree City law firm will pursue pharmacy error claims against pharmacists and pharmacies for professional negligence in a wide range of medication errors:

  • Dispensing the wrong prescription medication
  • Giving the wrong dosage
  • Providing the wrong directions
  • Failure to properly counsel the customer about a medicine
  • Failure to check for contraindications
  • Harmful side effects for people with certain conditions
  • Dangerous interactions with other medicines
  • Drug allergies

Serious pharmacy errors can cause swift and often irreversible harm. Adverse reactions may lead to heart attack, stroke, organ damage, nerve damage, brain damage, blindness or chronic pain. Other patients die or become critically ill if they do not get the right drug in the right dose at the right time.

In most cases of pharmacy errors, liability is clear. But establishing damages can be more difficult. Doug Wilde is an experienced trial lawyer and insurance defense attorney. He can consult with medical experts and pharmacology experts who can attest that professional negligence caused the injury and determine the appropriate compensation for the victim or survivors.


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